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Satrol khap breaks medieval tradition of matrimonial alliance

Sat Singh, Hindustan Times  Rohtak, April 20, 2014

Breaking the 700-year-old tradition of marriage ban within 42 villages of Hisar and Jind districts under Satrol khap, representatives of these villages from all castes have decided to allow the caste and inter-caste marriages with their approval.

The path-breaking decision came at a meeting of Satrol khap at Narnaund village of Hisar district, where elders’ formally gave their consent to the decision to ease up difficulty faced by villagers in finding a suitable match for their eligible youngsters within the defined threshold.

Subedar (retired) Inder Singh, head of Satrol khap said: “Today onwards, youngsters of marriageable age who earlier were not permitted to marry within 42 villages are free to explore their matrimonial options in these villages not only in same caste but in other castes as well.”

The decision assumes significance in the backdrop of inter-caste marriages and marriages within shared khap has been frowned upon in Haryana’s caste-ridden society for a long.

However, he said the new development would still carry the norm of not marrying within the same gotra, village and neighbourhood.

On the reasons for securing khap’s approval, he said like any other institution, they also wanted to keep their traditions in sync with the modernity and prevailing social circumstances of relevance.

Quoting an example, he said according to an earlier decision, the Jat community youngsters were not permitted to marry within 60-70 gotras falling under 42 villages, while now they could do, except in their own gotra. “But, the new decision should have the consent of youngsters’ parents/guardians,” he added.

Terming the khap’s decision a historic development, Sunil Jaglan from Nogama khap of Jind district said the constant growing army of bachelors and skewed sex ratio were the reasons that forced social institutions to look beyond and find solutions of the existing problem. He, meanwhile, urged other big khaps to emulate the Satrol khap’s decision.

Gathwala khap slashes grandmother gotra

In June 2013, Malik khap also known as Gathwala khap – one of the largest Jat khaps – had taken a forward looking decision to not to consider grandmother’s gotra while fixing matrimonial alliances, which was in juxtapose to the existing tradition where guardians were allowed to marry off their children barring mother, father and grandmother’s sub-castes.

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