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Satrol Khap allows marriages of Jat boys, girls within khap

The Satrol Khap of 42 villages, in Narnaund area of about 400 square meters, today unanimously decided to allow marriages of Jat boys and girls within the khap except the same village, nearest neighbouring village and self gotra (gaon, guvandh and gotra).

The inter-caste marriage has also been allowed provided the parents of the boy and girl agree.

Satrol Khap president Inder Singh Mor said, “In the last meeting April 13 the quorum was not complete but today’s meeting was attended by 80 per cent representatives of the khap.

Ending the 700 year old tradition the khap has unanimously decided to allow marriages within the ‘bhaichara’ (fraternity bond) of 42 villages.

Now except the own village, neighbouring village and the self gotra the marriages would take place in the Satrol Khap enumerating 42 villages. The youths are very happy because most of them are still bachelors’.

“We have also allowed inter-caste marriages to strengthen the social unity but for an intercaste marriage the permission of parents on both sides is mandatory,” he added

Mukesh Lohan, social worker of Khap said, “This decision would have long range impact because other Khaps are likely to follow suit. The casteism would get a blow now because inter-caste marriages would take place in large numbers in the villages of Haryana.”

Khap Spokesperson Phool Kumar Petwar said, “The time has changed. This decision was needed long back due to the skewed ratio of girls. Evil of purchasing girls for marriages had crept in due to shortage of girls. The impact of this decision would be wider in villages of Haryana and beyond the state also. Transformation of folk culture is now taking place due to the changed needs and changed times.”

This important decision is going to reduce honour killings, occurrence of rapes and sale/purchase of brides.

Narnaund panchayat has accepted the request of Satrol Khap to allot one acre land for Sarvjatiya Chabutra (all caste platform and community centre) in the village. The Khap would raise a community centre by collecting funds from the people of all castes in 42 villages of Satrol Khap.

April 21, 2014 को प्रकाशित